VIA RUSSIA - Hybrid Edition | Vinitaly International

VIA RUSSIA - Agile Edition 2021

Module 1
Theoretical lectures online

Module 2
20-21-22 November 2021
Moscow & St. Petersburg Guided Tasting sessions

Vinitaly International Academy comes to Russia for the first time, but due to the current situation, we are unable to travel to bring you VIA in person, and so we have adapted the course to make it possible for you to continue your Italian wine certification as distance learning in a hybrid format.

Course format
The course will consist of 4 major components:

• Theory sessions:
When you have signed up and paid for the course you will be given access to our online learning platform. Here you will find the theory sessions presented by the Faculty. These sessions should be followed ahead of the corresponding guided tasting and Q&A.

• Guided tastings contemporary in Moscow and St. Petersburg:
Guided tastings will constitute the majority of the second part of the course and give the opportunity to taste the wines with the faculty using the VIA Tasting Grid in class. The tasting centers are set up respecting the social distancing and safety guidance. Included in the course fee there will be 36 benchmark wines that will be presented as part of the guided tastings at the tasting center. One member of our faculty will conduct on person the tasting session in one of the tasting centers in Russia and will connect with the student in the other city online and conduct the tasting with all the students contemporary.

• The examinations:

    • Exams will take place 22nd of November.
    • They will consist of 100 multiple choice questions, 2 short answer questions, and blind tasting.
    • In addition, you will be required to produce a short video presentation on a topic that will be released at the start of the course.


The candidate recruitment: till 31st October 2021

Access to the course platform: Upon registration

Tasting with the faculty: 20-21 November 2021 in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

Exam: 22nd November 2021 in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg


Registration fee: 600 euros (300 euros for returning students)

How to apply and register?

Click on the “Apply Now” button and fill out the online application form following the instructions.

Please note that you’re required to attach:

    • the updated CV (in PDF format)
    • a recent photo (headshot, clear background, 5 MB maximum, JPEG format).

The selection results will be relayed privately by email. Upon the approval of the application, the applicants are required to submit the registration form (sent by email from us) filled in and signed on the application platform.

The applicants will then obtain access to the theorical sessions online as soon as the registration form is verified, and the registration is completed. Applicants can check the status of the application by consulting the profile page or writing to us.

You will then be requested to choose one of tasting centers (Moscow or St. Petersburg) to join the tasting sessions and final examination. Applications will only be confirmed upon receipt of the completed registration form and fee.

Forms and payments not submitted will result in the candidate’s exclusion from the course.

Required Text (available on

• Italian Wine Unplugged Grape by Grape. Positive Press, 2017
• Sangiovese Lambrusco and other vine stories, Positive Press, 2019

For further information:

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