The Search for the Brightest Minds in the Wine World: wine2wine issues a ‘Call for Speakers’ for its 2019 forum

wine2wine is a dynamic international wine industry forum organized by Veronafiere. Now in its 6th edition, this year wine2wine will be held on November 25th and 26th in Verona, Italy. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and a diverse variety of wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine businesses worldwide. Each year wine2wine recruits the brightest minds in the wine world and this year an inspiring lineup of speakers has already been confirmed. To extend the circle and make sure the event has the most exciting, relevant and practical content, a Call for Speakers has also been issued.

wine2wine issues a call for speakers

wine2wine provides a unique opportunity to reflect, discuss and share ideas on the most important issues facing the rapidly evolving international wine industry. It is a chance for the wine community to connect and combine its common passion and diverse expertise towards shaping a prosperous and sustainable wine industry. wine2wine also provides unparalleled opportunities for wine professionals to build networks through both informal engagements and structured business and networking spaces and sessions.

Each year wine2wine searches for speakers who are among the brightest minds in the wine world, from both Italy and countries such as USA, UK, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Russia, among others. For the 2019 edition of wine2wine, confirmed speakers to date include:

  • Yannick Benjamin, Sommelier and Co-Founder of Wheeling Forward
  • Bruce Sanderson, Senior Editor, Wine Spectator
  • Professor Attilio Scienza, Leading Vine Genetics Academic
  • Gerard Spatafora, E-Commerce Strategies Expert
  • Simon Woolf, Wine Writer and Author of ‘Amber Revolution’
  • André Ribeirinho, Award-Winning Food, Wine & Travel Entrepreneur
  • Joe Fattorini, Head of London Sales at Fields, Morris & Verdin and Presenter of The Wine Show
  • Claire Dawson, Business Development Manager Wine and Spirits
  • Anne Victoire Monrozier, Founder and Brand Ambassador of Miss Vicky Wine
  • Gaia Gaja, Gaja Winery Brand Ambassador and Co-owner
  • Polly Hammond, Founder of 5forests Wine Business Consultancy
  • Lenz Moser, Chief Winemaker of Château Changyu-Moser XV China
  • Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Expon Capital
  • Elizabeth Schneider, Podcast Host, Wine for Normal People
  • Chris Scott, Podcast Host, The UK Wine Show Podcast
  • Lawrence Francis, Podcast Content Director, Interpreting Wine
  • Gill Gordon Smith, Educator, Retailer and Artisan Wine Producer

wine2wine plans to host more than 100 speakers on the 25th and 26th November 2019. While about 80% of these speakers will be recruited directly by the wine2wine team, this year a Call for Speakers has also been issued to the international wine community. The purpose of this is to widen the net, render the event inclusive and to ensure that participants benefit from the most exciting, relevant and practical content. wine2wine is seeking out the finest speakers to contribute to a number of seminars, interactive workshops and a speaker’s corner.

Applicants will need to submit proposals, including: a short professional biography, a presentation title and abstract and a short video demonstrating their presentation skills. The sessions must be practical, approachable and provide tangible tools that assist participants in growing their wine businesses. The deadline for proposal submissions is 22 July 2019. More information about the Call for Speakers and access to the submission portal can be found on the wine2wine website.

The thought-provoking discussion topics for 2019 aim to equip participants with practical tools and include the following relevant themes:

  • Uniting New Technologies & Wine: From augmented reality, to blockchain technology, to the latest wine apps. These sessions will demystify new technologies and discuss how digital wine trends can enrich wine businesses.

  • Revolutionizing Marketing & Communication Strategies: Advances in digital analytics, new global markets and platforms like e-commerce are transforming communication strategies and brand creation. Speakers will guide wine professionals to more effectively communicate their wine story to consumers.
  • Humanizing Management & Leadership: With all the focus on ‘new technologies’ and ‘data and algorithm-driven management’, the importance of human relationships and leadership are at times forgotten. Presenters will discuss how effective management underpins successful wine businesses.

  • Understanding Export Markets: The vitality and profitability of the wine industry is intimately linked to understanding global and local market trends and dynamics. These sessions provide in-depth market profiles and fresh thinking on how to boost sales across different markets.

  • Integrating Market Insights into Viticulture & Oenology: The renaissance of native grape varieties, the exponential boom in rosé, the ‘amber revolution’ of orange wines, the rise of Prosecco. This track discusses how market trends influence the production of wine and vice versa.

  • Exemplifying Ecological & Social Sustainability: Everyone is talking about ‘sustainability’ but at wine2wine we avoid empty buzzwords and attempt to give real substance to this call to action, in both its ecological and social aspects.

Tickets for wine2wine will be available from July 2019. Companies interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities for wine2wine can request additional information by contacting



The wine2wine is a dynamic international wine industry forum organized by Veronafiere and held annually in Verona, Italy, since 2014. wine2wine 2019 will take place on November 25th and 26th. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine business worldwide. wine2wine provides unique opportunities to share ideas on the most important issues facing the rapidly evolving wine industry and to connect with wine professionals and experts. The forum takes place over two days and features keynote sessions, seminars, and interactive workshops which aim to equip participants with practical tools to improve their business. Speakers are renowned experts in their field and among the brightest minds in the wine world from Italy and abroad. Additional information is available at or by emailing Experts.