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VIA Hong Kong 2023

The Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) Italian Wine Ambassador Certification Course is held in two modules: first, online theoretical lectures, with access to the study platform available upon acceptance of the application and completion of the registration; second, in-person tasting and Q&A sessions, followed by the exam.  

 The VIA Certification Course is exceptionally well constructed; the Faculty have designed the course to give students the knowledge and authority to become adept Ambassadors of Italian wine around the world. The two-part format affords students the best study results, enabling successful recipients of the Italian Wine Ambassador title to build long-term careers in the global wine sector. 

Course format 

There is a focus on the native grapes of Italy, region by region, with profound attention given to geology, history, terroir and denomination. Students receive a 360° experience, learning about grapes, viticulture and winemaking, in combination with Italian food, tradition and culture. 

Online Theory 

  • The online sessions on our digital learning platform allow students to watch and study recorded video lessons created by our Faculty.  
  • The lectures cover each of the 20 wine regions in Italy, including warm up sessions focused on key grapes, and a special seminar on VIA systematic tasting grid. 

In-person Practical Sessions 

  • The “in-person” sessions will take place at the venue selected by the student. For example, VIA Hong Kong in November 2023. 
  • These all-day sessions are divided into several practical lessons, focused on wine tastings of selected wines and Q&A sessions with the Faculty. 


On the last day of the in-person session, students will sit the final exam, consisting of: 

  • 100 multiple choice questions; 
  • 2 short answer questions; 
  • Blind tasting of 2 wines; 
  • Students are also required to submit a group video project in advance as part of the examination. 



    The timeline 

    • The student recruitment  – for approximately 12 weeks after the opening of applications, prospective students will be evaluated by our Board. 
    • The selection results will be relayed privately by email. 
    • Access granted to the course platform – upon acceptance and paid registration. 
    • Practical lessons take place in person in the selected course venue on the specified dates. 
    • The Exam and Pinning Ceremony take place on the final day of the practical lessons. 

    Registration fee – Satellite courses: 600 €.
    Registration fee for returning students – Satellite courses: 300 €
    Registration for students who wish to resit the exam without participating in the course: 100 €

    How to apply and register? 

    Click on the link and complete the application form. 
    Please note that candidates are required to attach: 

    • An updated CV (in PDF format) 
    • A recent photo (headshot, clear background, 5 MB maximum, JPEG format). 

    Upon approval of the application, the applicants are required to submit the registration form (sent by email from VIA) filled in and signed on the application platform. The applicants will then obtain access to the online sessions as soon as the registration form is verified and the paid registration is completed. Applicants can check the status of the application by consulting the profile page or writing to VIA through email. 

    Entrance to the program will only be confirmed upon receipt of the completed registration form and fee. Forms and payments not submitted will result in the candidate’s exclusion from the course. 

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