5StarWines & Wine Without Walls becomes “agile” to support producers and the wine market

5StarWines & Wine Without Walls is the wine selection event that usually takes place every year in the few days leading up to Vinitaly. The precautionary measures in place to counter the spread of Covid-19 have made it difficult to carry out any type of gathering, but the event has been redesigned so that it can be carried out in a smart, or rather, “agile” way. Now more than ever before, the mission is significant: to provide support to the wine sector through an avenue to relaunch the wine industry as we know it.

5StarWines & Wine Without Walls was originally planned to run from April 15th to 17th 2020, but it has been rescheduled for the first weeks of May and in a redefined format. The producers that registered for the event have already sent their samples to the warehouse and when lockdown ends in Italy, they will be catalogued and anonymized by the 5StarWines & Wine Without Walls team.

Given the present restrictions on mobility caused by the spread of Covid-19, the international panel of judges that were to hold the tasting in Verona, Italy, have been asked to hold the tastings in their own homes instead. These are some extraordinary measures for some extraordinary times; becoming “agile” became a necessity for all those involved, event organizers, panelists and participating wineries alike. This year, 5StarWines & Wine Without Walls will be an extraordinary edition.


The categorized and anonymized bottles will be sent to those judges who are able to a.) receive them in a relatively normal timeframe, and b.) have the ability to store the wine samples in the necessary environments. The Judges will be provided with access credentials to a designed WebApp from which they will be able to evaluate the wines assigned to them according to the normal tasting rules in the regulations. Each judge will also receive a handbook with the instructions for the storage of the wines, for the tasting; the use of the online platform and helpful instructions for those who will be interacting with the General Chairmen (and other judges involved) present in Verona, through a live stream.

Those judges who are now joining the “agile” team of pioneers in this extraordinary new format include figures such as Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW, Robert Joseph, Bernard Burtschy, Daniele Cernilli, Monty Waldin, Joe Fattorini, and many other experts in the sector (the complete list of judges can be found on www.5starwines.it, in the section dedicated to judges). The different geographical locations and the heterogeneity of their professional profiles ensure the objectivity of the Selection.

Traditionally, the awarding of the trophies and diplomas takes place following the tastings; this year however, they will initially be held digitally.

The selected wines published in the 5StarWines & Wine Without Walls Guide, will enjoy an extended promotion (longer than in previous years) which will be underscored by a media campaign that highlights the “agility” of all who participated. Digital promotions will feature interviews with producers; the selected wines will also be included in the Vinitaly Wine Directory and the Vinitaly App. All traditional activities, such as being listed on wine-searcher.com, a renowned search engine that enables users to identify the price and availability of a wine worldwide, or having access to a digital Shelf Talker (each one with the score received and the tasting notes drawn up by the judges) for display will remain unchanged.



5StarWines – the Book is the annual wine selection organized by Veronafiere. Held in the lead-up to the biggest Italian wine fair in the world, the event is now in its fourth edition. 5StarWines & Wine Without Walls is a three-day tasting aimed at shedding light on wineries investing in the improvement of their products. During the event, a highly qualified panel of wine professionals will taste and score participating wines using a 100-point scale. In the previous edition, over 3,000 bottles were entered and 676 were selected for inclusion in the 5StarWines – the Book. The Guide is a useful tool both on the promotional and commercial side. It introduces international buyers and wine lovers to new wine products of great value. It guarantees wine quality and it maintains and certifies their value at an international level.